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Mathematics Courses

Advanced Mathematical Logic Track

Students who love mathematics and solving problems that challenge their thinking skills will find a new subject to immerse themselves in with this sequence of three classes!

The Advanced Mathematical Logic track deals with the subject matter of the logic courses that typically are a required part of a college major in mathematics, engineering, computer science or philosophy, and goes on to introduce more advanced techniques in mathematical logic and reasoning.

Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam

If you are studying AP Calculus and are preparing for the AP exam, you need to spend some time with this online review course. The Be Prepared course will ensure that you step into the exam room feeling confident and as prepared as possible.

An online, interactive edition of the Advanced Placement review written by Mark Howell of Gonzaga High School, Washington, D.C. and Martha Montgomery of Fremont City Schools, Fremont, Ohio. Includes over two hundred multiple choice practice questions complete with solutions and explanations, and five timed practice exams.