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Advanced Mathematical Logic Track

University Mathematics

Formal mathematical logic is the foundation on which all of mathematics and mathematical reasoning is built. This track provides a rigorous, university-level treatment of this area of mathematics.

Students who complete the entire IMACS Advanced Mathematical Logic track typically will have an "unfair advantage" with a mathematical foundation that will make all technical classes significantly easier. Former students remark on this effect in courses ranging from physics to philosophy to computer science to pre-law.

This sequence of courses begins with the subject matter of the logic courses that are a required part of a college major in mathematics, engineering, computer science or philosophy, and goes on to introduce the techniques in logic and reasoning that underpin research and development in mathematics.

Students are introduced to the branches of mathematics called "propositional logic", "predicate logic" and "set theory". The emphasis throughout is on developing a true understanding for the logical underpinning of mathematics. The track consists of the following three classes:

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