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First Step: The eIMACS Aptitude Test

Quote from a parent of an eIMACS studentFor over 20 years, IMACS students have gained substantial academic advantages by taking our university-level courses in math and computer science. Are you ready to gain a competitive edge with one of our online courses? Take the eIMACS Aptitude Test to find out! (No specific math experience is required for the test or for eIMACS courses.)

The eIMACS Aptitude Test can be taken at your convenience with no fee and no obligation. The test is administered online and takes one hour to complete. To register for the aptitude test, please fill out the form below. After the test is completed, IMACS will contact you with the results.

Click here to learn more about the eIMACS Aptitude Test.

[NOTE: Are you interested in Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF), IMACS' online math program for ages 10-14 (approximately)? If so, register for the EMF Aptitude Test at If you are interested in IMACS' university-level courses in Mathematical Logic or Computer Science for ages 14-18 (approximately), complete the form below to register for the eIMACS Aptitude Test.]